Best Birthday Ever: How to Throw a Pirate-Themed Party

pirate theme cakeKids love pirate-themed birthday parties. They enjoy treasure hunts, sporting an eye patch, and pretending they’re Captain Hook. If you’re thinking about a cool theme for the coming birthday party of your kid, go for a pirate-themed party! Don’t worry about the details, because here are some cool party ideas you can use to throw the best birthday party for your child and his or her friends.

Make a Pirate-Themed Cake

Of course, first on the list is a cake. Make the cake a labour of love by doing it yourself. There are plenty of easy recipes online that you can follow; experts from The Sugar Box encourages paying extra attention to the decoration aspect, as this is the trickiest part in making the pirate-themed cake. Use fondant, icing, food colourings, and edible metallic paints to craft your masterpiece. Stick out pirate flags and candles on top of the cake to complete the look.

Sport the Eye Patches and Skull Rings

Encourage everyone to dress up for the party. Some of the most popular costumes you can buy are eye patches, skull beaded necklaces, pirate hats, skull rings, bandanas, and head scarves that have fake hoop earrings. You can also buy fake plastic swords, but make sure to consider first the safety of the kids.

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Send out Pirate-Themed Invitations

Turn up the hype for the celebration by sending out colourful and creative pirate-themed invitations. There are online stores that provide ready-made cards that you can just fill out with the details and have them printed.

Throw a Treasure Hunt Game

Hide a “treasure” that has different treats and trinkets somewhere in the backyard. Leave clues in strategic areas; the kids will surely love it!

Throw the best pirate-themed party for your kid. Talk to them about what they want to add on top of the mentioned ideas and you’ll guarantee happy kids all throughout the party.

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