Save Time and Effort: Essentials of a Low Maintenance Garden

maintenance gardenWith so many things needing their attention, gardening is one of the last things homeowners are thinking about. Many are looking for ways to keep tasks associated with curb appeal at a minimum. While no garden will be zero maintenance, there are some activities and habits that can lower the required upkeep.

Landscaping experts in Georgia and Florida share the essentials of a low-maintenance garden in the region.

It’s About the Plant Choice

It is important to pick your flowers and plants carefully. A mixture of conifers, grasses, and shrubs is a good choice if you want to cut the work down. Consider low maintenance plants to save time and effort. Once you decide on the plants, make sure to prepare the soil properly and maintain a schedule in watering them.

Local Plants are the Best

Native plants are the best because they don’t require a special effort to keep them growing strong. According to companies offering landscaping in Georgia, plants that you see growing naturally are the most suited choice for your garden. You can consult with local botanists to learn about which plants are right for your area.

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The Grass Matters, Too

Lush lawns require a major effort on your part so that it looks great year-round. If, however, you do not have the time, then ornamental plans and a size reduction might be the best choice. Consult a professional landscaper and have them modify your yard so that it will require less maintenance.

Reducing the Add-ons

For gardens with a miniature pond, avoid the introduction of fish to reduce the need for filters and pumps. Fish-free ponds often settle into a good natural balance and are less likely to suffer from algae problems. You can also consider converting it into a bog garden.

Modify your garden if you really do not have the time for it. Be wise about your choices and start looking at how much you can lower the cost of upkeep. It is best to consult landscaping professionals to help you design a garden that is suitable for your busy lifestyle.

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