The Size is Right: How Big Should Your Future Home Be?

house sizeBuying a new property in Australia is a huge undertaking. Often, new and inexperienced buyers become overwhelmed with the things they have to consider, from the ideal location to moving fees. Many end up missing the opportunity to really break down the more important details of a house, how large or small it is, for instance.

The right size of your future home depends on various factors. Do not fall into the trap of thinking big is always better, though. Sometimes, a huge house can be difficult to maintain. On the other hand, one that is too small for your domestic needs is not ideal as well. Your home needs to be the right size to meet your living standards.

Fortunately, says Melbourne house and land packages come in all shapes and sizes. All it really takes is an effort to find the right property. For help on the decision regarding the ideal home size, take a look at the following:

Number of Rooms / Features

You can have as many rooms as you like as long as they comply with the building standards. You should also factor in the amenities you want. For example, a back yard can be a valuable addition as outdoor living space.

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Long-Term Use

You should also consider your plans for the future. If you are a starting family, for instance, you may want to get a multi-storey home as you will need the extra living space if more kids are on the way. For those who want to save on utility expenses, a single-storey home would do. Think about any future renovations and be extra sure.


Lastly, you must see if the size of the home and land package you plan to buy fits your budget. Before you go ahead with the project, study the budget carefully and determine if you are making a good investment. It is a good idea to consult with the property developer and your financial advisor to know which measures to take.

The value of a home goes beyond its size. From how it caters to your daily needs and how it improves your lifestyle, it is important to have a house that is big enough for you and your family to call home.

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