Which Wedding Photography Style is Best?

wedding photographyIt used to be that wedding photography did not have many standards. Photographers would you’re your standard photo of the bride and groom preparing, take a few shots of the ceremony, and then take a portrait of the newlyweds. Things have changed, though, and there are many different ways to handle photo coverage for a wedding.

These days, it is important to first settle on a particular type of photography style before scouting for the perfect wedding photographer. By doing so, you can hire the right professional and make the most of their expertise. Here are some of the things to consider when hiring a photographer:

1. Portraiture

Classic wedding portrait photography is the way to go if you want coverage that is modern but conventional at the same time. In most cases, photographers get the bride and groom—along with family members and entourage—to pose in a designated setup inside a studio or outdoors. Of course, there is the necessary shot at the actual venue.

Some photographers add a bit of drama to the style, sometimes shooting at night and taking advantage of city and church lights. There are also those who use the green and vast mountains as backdrop and highlight the sweet moment of the couples holding hands in the middle of a nearby rugged road.

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2. Fine Art

Artsy shots evoke a cinematic vibe and draw inspiration from editorial shoots in magazines. The photos are dreamy and inspiring, and very artistic in nature. The style also captures motion perfectly. If you think fine art is the style for you, photographers with a background in fashion or portrait photography might be what you are looking for.

3. Reportage

Candid or spontaneous photos are what reportage wedding photography is all about. Photographers who do this usually have photojournalism influences, so they’re skilled in capturing quick and fleeting moments. It’s guaranteed that your photos will be full of unguarded moments—your niece’s giggles, mom’s quiet, emotional moment during the bride’s walk in the aisle or the bridesmaid’s wide-open mouths while chasing your bouquet.

Which wedding photography style is right for you? Think about it wisely, so you’ll get not just great photos, but timeless ones.

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