White (Sand) Christmas: What to Do this Christmas in Perth

white sandChristmas in Australia is a bit different from the rest of the world. While others may be playing in the snow, Aussies are frolicking in the sun and making sandcastles. Christmas rolls around during the summer in the Land Down Under, making the holiday celebrations extra special and exciting.

Perth is one of the best places to make the most of the holiday festivities. The Western Australian capital is home to some of the most breathtaking spots and is home to many adrenalin-filled activities. It pays to know where to go this Christmas so you can have a wonderful experience going around the city.

Here are some of the things you should do in Perth this upcoming holiday season:

Take a Stroll along Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is famous for its laidback atmosphere and buzzing community. It is a favourite among locals and visitors, especially during the summer when the weather is perfect for strolling and swimming. The beach is located near Fremantle; you can easily find a premier holiday accommodation near Perth there.

Visit the Perth Zoo

Any time is best time to visit the Perth Zoo, but to experience the most exciting events, go there during summer. You can have a close encounters with rare and extraordinary animals, and can even tag along with a keeper to get a closer look at the animals and how to care for them.

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See the Lights

There is no denying that Perth is a beautiful city, but with it becomes exceptionally stunning when the Christmas lights are up. The turning on of the Christmas Lights is an anticipated event yearly. Thousands of lights and decorations make the spirit of Christmas felt throughout the city.

Shop at the Christmas Markets

You should not miss the lively Christmas markets in Perth. You can buy unique presents there for your friends and loved ones. Plus, you get know more about the local design and current trends.

Christmas in Perth is like no other. You can enjoy the holidays better with the fantastic ambience and cool spots. Make the experience even more magical and memorable by including these activities in your holiday itineraries.

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