Diet on Two Wheels

diet food for cyclistA proper diet needs to accompany exercise to be effective. That’s how the body works – it needs to sacrifice fun food, to get the ideal body. The formulation of a diet depends on what each person wants to get out of their workouts. People who want to lose weight stock up on lean meats and salads, while bodybuilders swallow as much protein as they can. But, what about cyclists?

The Cyclist Diet Conundrum

Cycling is a bit of a puzzle when it comes to diets, as the activity can yield different results. It’s a cardio exercise that’s a given, but it can also help build and tone muscles in the legs and quads. Will eating one way hamper the other positive effects that come with cycling?

As explained, if a cyclist adopts a weight loss diet, it’ll take longer for them to recover from the soreness. On the other hand, if cyclists use a diet suited for bodybuilders, they’ll lack the carbs necessary to give them the energy to go for long distances.

The Carb and Protein Exchange

There are two possible solutions for cyclists who find themselves in this kind of predicament. The first is to stuff themselves with both carbs and protein to cover all their bases. The second is to choose a trail that serves the purposes of whatever workout they want to get out of cycling. The latter solution is obviously harder, but it does have the most focus.

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Workout Trails

Different trails serve different needs for cyclists, but the sport is just so versatile, it’s hard for casual cyclists to notice. Long distance trails over mostly even ground are a better fit for carb-based diets, which fits the profile of an urban cyclists. Protein diets on the other hand, will help aid cyclists who like trails with hills and valleys, as leg strength is essential.

Keeping track of a diet can be the not so fun part of getting fit, but it’s the quickest way to achieve both health and fitness goals.

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