Everyday Love Language You and Your Partner Should Practice

HeartMarriage doesn’t mean you get to sit tight with one person for the rest of your life. In fact, you need to work more for your relationship to last. According to reliable studies and leading couples counselors from saltlakerelationshipcenter.com, the decline of a marriage or relationship can happen from two to seven years after it started. The main culprits? Infidelity and social media are considered the top reasons couples break up.

If you don’t want you and your partner to be part of the divorce statistic, here are the Five Love Languages at Home, which experts think contribute to a lasting relationship:

Words of affirmation

Love notes, secret texts and written cards should still be big parts of your relationship. Don’t forget to affirm your love to each other through words.

Quality time

Time and attention are the most precious gifts you can give to someone since you can never take them back. You can run errands together, take trips or just sit and talk at home on a certain positive topic.

Receiving gifts

Give each other gifts to keep the love alive. Give small tokens during regular days and never forget a special occasion.

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Acts of service

Even if you’re a full-time homemaker or professional, giving service to your partner is important. This shows them that you are dependable and can be trusted. You’re basically saying “I’ve got your back,” or, “We’re in this together.”

Physical touch

While this aspect is mostly non-verbal, you should always have a pleasant facial expression or a smile for your partner. Hugs, touches, pats, holding hands and even physical intimacy should be integral parts of your relationship.

Without these five love languages that communication love, trust and respect, you may find your partnership fading and losing strength.

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