Pilot Health Needs Often Overlooked

pilotFlying a plane doesn’t require much, but a pilot just might need a few—most of which are neglected. High altitude, pressurized cabins, and regular turbulence, these are just some of the many constants for the pilots’ usual surroundings. Surely their health is greatly affected by this unnatural living environment.

So, what are the health needs of pilots that are often overlooked?

Hearing Needs

Pressurized closed areas cannot be healthy. Just like everybody else, when you ride a plane and it catches altitude, your ears start to adjust to the difference in air pressure to keep your body’s pressure at a normal rate.

While most healthy passengers adjust to this change well, those who suffer certain medical conditions may not be able to after a few number of flights back and forth. What more for pilots, right? TacticalHearing.com says hearing protection for aviation needs should be part of their everyday gear.

Psychiatric Needs

While this may be too far-fetch, their mental conditions need to be thoroughly assessed to ensure the safety of their passengers. Even though this test is for measuring the mental capabilities and incapacities of an individual before becoming a licensed aviator, its regularities are not carried out.

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This concerns almost everybody. Neglecting the psychiatric needs of those flying the plane can put the lives of many at risk.

As much as most pilots are opposed to the idea of being screened and interviewed regularly, having them undergo tests will not only save the lives of passengers, but will also improve their overall health.

Back Pains

Sitting in one position for long hours is no joke. Keeping good posture during the whole trip will surely tire you and leave you feeling exhausted, that then leads to back pain.

Why is this need neglected? Band-Aid solutions. We treat long-term conditions with temporary solutions that do not address the direct problem. Mistaking back pains for merely minor discomfort is the first mistake you’re committing.

So if you know a pilot, let them know you care and remind them of their health needs they might be neglecting.

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