Easy, Hassle-Free Travel (Despite IPF): Making It Happen

TravelAlthough idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a debilitating disease, it doesn’t have to snatch the opportunity live a good life completely; it shouldn’t keep you from exploring the world and trying new things in new cities or countries. You just have to be extra careful about planning your travels.

Talk to doctors or pharmacists about your plans and refer to this guide that experts from Life Relay Health Care Solutions Inc. outlined to make travel easy and hassle-free travel despite IPF.

The Destination

The most important thing should keep in mind when picking a destination is the air quality. Research says that air pollution causes acute exacerbations among IPF patients. The study, which ran for about 6 weeks, showed that high levels of ozone and nitrogen dioxide could worsen the development of the disease.

Consider the air quality in the city or country you’re visiting; you can check out World Health Organization’s website for information on ambient air pollution in cities around the world.

The Environment

On top of air quality, it’s important to look into the environment of the city you plan to visit. Different places mean different degrees of walkability and wheelchair-friendliness. Make sure to look into these things, whether you’re planning a great outdoor exploration trip or just a simple stroll in the city.

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Take into account the specific sites you will visit. Do they offer mobility aids like lifts or escalators? Is there are public transport nearby? Answering these things will make things more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Mode of Transportation

Don’t stop at the destination; know how you’ll get there. What’s the safest, most comfortable way to reach your destination—by air, land or sea? You may need supplemental oxygen if you choose to travel by plane. Be familiar with the equipment the transportation system provides, along with the specific procedures and additional charges.

Usually, cruise ships and airlines require oxygen equipment requests to be made a month prior. When traveling by land, you may have to consider mobility issues and make special arrangements to make your trip more comfortable.

IPF doesn’t have to rob you of the good life and the chance to see the world. Planning carefully is the key to making travel work for you. Consult your doctor and pharmacist before going on your journey.

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