Adventure Adelaide: 4 Adrenaline-Filled Activities You Should Try 

Adventure AdelaideAdelaide may have this cool, sophisticated vibe, but look closely and you will see a city brimming with life. If you think Sydney and Melbourne have all the fun, think again. South Australia’s capital offers a lot that can top the list of your adventure getaway plan. highly recommends including the following in your itinerary:

Indoor trampoline

Who says trampolines are just for kids? Studies show that bouncing exercises improve oxygen circulation to tissues, strengthen the heart muscle, and tone the muscles. So apart from having fun, you can improve your health as well. Good thing there are several venues in Adelaide with indoor trampolines. Drop by and have fun bouncing.

Kokoda Training Walks

If you are dreaming of taking on the Kokoda track challenge, you might want to try some of the training walks in Adelaide. The Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea has been an important part of Australia’s history, as this was where Australians and Papua New Guinea natives fend off Japanese invaders. If you want to experience what it is like to traverse a challenging walking track, you can try some of the trails in Adelaide.


Everything is better when viewed from above. Fortunately, you can enjoy this while in Adelaide. Head over to the Langhorne Creek Airfield and prepare to see breathtaking views of Lake Albert, Lake Alexandrina, the Coorong and so much more. Don’t worry if it’s your first time as you can do a tandem jump with a professional.


If you prefer a different kind of ‘flying’, you can always try kiteboarding. Join a kiteboarding lesson group and learn the basics of the sport. Mastering the fundamental may be hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will not let go of the rope anymore.

Adelaide is fast becoming a hub for adventure-seekers. With more reasons to visit and try all the fun activities, you need to plan way ahead to make sure you get to try them all.

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