How Much Do Canadians Spend on Concert Tickets?

Concert TicketsWhen it comes to concert events, acts have one guaranteed destination: the United States. By having the biggest potential market, they have the strongest pull for any artist today. Canada, however, has attracted the biggest acts of the last two decades such as Madonna and U2. The U.S. may be their preferred destination, but that is mostly for exposure.

Canada, as having predominant English speakers, has considerable pull for musical artists. In addition, they have that indie vibe that is more evident when put beside the pop-culture heavy America. While their neighbour’s attitude towards music is well publicised, Canada, being the little brother in the relationship, is not a common subject of discussion.

Northern Music Lovers

In an average year, there are hundreds of musical festivals in Canada. 17% of all Canadians will watch at least one event, which ranges from international acts to local bands trying to make it to the bigs. The presence of French speakers in the country also brings French music acts, which are a refreshing change to the often English-speaking line-ups.

A Canadian also listens to 33 hours of music per week. Even when broken down, that is still 30 albums or more than 300 songs in seven days. The love does not stop there as they also spend $245 on concerts yearly. If that does not seem much, myZone Printing notes that average tickets cost around $46. That is five at the least for each music-savvy Canadian.

Subtle Takeover

Right now, the biggest pop star is a Canadian. One of the biggest hit makers in the international scene is Canadian. The hottest rapper, who just won a feud, is a Jewish Canadian ‘boy’. The northerners are simply staking their claim as a source of quality musical talent.

While their noisy neighbours are still the standard in making and producing hits, the Maple state is close to breaking the pop music duck of their own.  With a wealth of talent on the underground and mainstream, time can only tell when Canada will be a powerhouse in music.

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