Short yet Fun Activities in Colorado for Busy People

Water RaftingBeing a workaholic has a way of altering your work-life balance. You may have lots of money, but then you may not have the time to enjoy all of the rewards it brings. So if you’re going to relax, you’ll probably substitute lengthy vacations for quick thrills to accommodate your already loaded schedule.

For most people who would rather be away for a few days or maybe even weeks just to get that much needed relaxation, this may not sound inviting. Fortunately, Colorado has many short yet exciting activities even busy people like you will enjoy. Here are fun and relaxing activities that even workaholics can enjoy:

White Water Rafting

If you’re looking for a fun yet fast-paced activity, suggests Royal Gorge white water rafting overnight. You’ll spend the day laughing, screaming and clinging to your seat as you go from the mild to the wild rapids of Colorado. Combined with the river’s scenic views, you’ll go home and back to work feeling refreshed.


There’s nothing more relaxing than breathing fresh air as you commune with nature. That’s what hiking does to your body and mind. Colorado is one of the go-to places when it comes to hiking. Durango, Buena Vista or Fort Collins have plenty of trails that are safe and fun for friends and family.

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Hot springs

A visit to the hot springs is a good way to soothe your tired mind and muscles after days of working at the office or out in the field. Colorado has many of these relaxing retreats in Buena Vista, Glenwood, Aspen and Durango. The state’s hot springs are popular because of their high mineral content and toasty temperatures, which are perfect after a long hike or trip.

Zip Lining

Zip Lining through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado is another way to make the most of your short getaway. You’ll enjoy not only the views but also the thrill of hanging high up from the ground. Some zip lining courses are available for all seasons so you can enjoy them anytime. Stop by Denver, Vail or Durango to experience the excitement zip lining provides.

Being a workaholic doesn’t mean you’ll have to deprive yourself of much-needed rest and relaxation. There are plenty of quick yet fun activities to suit your desire for adventure. All it takes is careful planning.

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