Through the Cultivation of Harmony: The TCM Perspective

Traditional Chinese MedicineIn the west, the common idea about medicine is that it’s a way to treat illnesses and diseases. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), however, centers on achieving health and wellbeing by cultivating harmony within people’s lives.

Even after the development of modern scientific medicine, TCM, as an ancient medical practice, still remains a healing option for millions of people all across the globe. China was one of the first countries to have developed a medical culture. Compared to Western medicine, the Chinese method takes a completely different approach. With its history of over 5,000 years, this practice has formed a deep and immense knowledge of medical science, diagnostic methods, prescriptions, theory, and cures.

Understanding the Yin and Yang

The Physiology of Chinese medicine follows the belief that the human body’s life is the result of the balance of yin and yang. Yin refers to the inner and negative principles, while yang, on the other hand, refers to outer and positive. According to this belief, the main reason a person is suffering from an illness is because the two aspects have lost their harmony. In terms of recovery, yang functions to serve as the body’s protection against external harm, while yin refers to the inner base to provide and serve energy for its counterpart.

Learning the Basic Substance

Doctors in traditional Chinese medicine clinics follow the idea that vital energy, such as the moving and energetic particles, state of blood, and body fluid are the important components that form the human body, which is also the basis for internal organs to function. Within the body, they are channeled along a network. In terms of the physical aspect, the vital energy which serves to promote warmth, belongs to yang properties, whereas the blood and body fluid to moisten possesses the properties of yin.

All the traditional Chinese ancient remedies that have been developed for centuries have more than proven themselves. In fact, they have even passed the tests of modern medicine.

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