Age as a Factor in the Success of Dental Implants

SmileTo most, the success of dental implants relies heavily on enhanced oral hygiene and a renewed concern for a new tooth. After all, the lack of both is the reason that a person loses a tooth in the first place. Furthermore, dental implants are expensive and no one would want to have multiple operations so close to each other.

For young people, however, it is trickier to care for a new tooth. Not just because genetics could force them to lose more teeth, but their bodies and bones are still growing. This means that their newly inculcated, and expensive, molar could move and affect the placing of other teeth.

Importance of Bone Structure

Bone structure, more than anything, ensures that everything is in place. Most patients grow their bone enough to support the integration of the foreign material, namely the platinum screw of the dental implant. There are bone grafts for patients who lost bone integrity to support the new dental implants. Fret not, dentists in Richmond will guarantee that that procedure is not as scary as it sounds.

Facial Bone Growth

Just like any person with normal bones, it will grow over time. Whether it will lengthen, thicken or stay the same, there will be a major difference as to how their bones are before and now. Facial bones influence dental implants most as they are the nearest and where the implant is installed.

  • Vertical Growth – Most of the vertical growth on facial bones increase the size of the nasal cavity and maxillary sinuses. It also affects a person’s eye size in the process. Adult levels of vertical growth reaches 17 for girls and 18 for boys.
  • Sagittal Growth –The bones closest to the jaw, this will continue to grow downward. On the other hand, the growth in this area is more stable than anywhere in the mouth though still dangerous.
  • Then, there are the short and long facial types. Each bone formation will either benefit or hinder the success of a dental implant. This is why there is a consensus among dental professionals to advise their patients to get the implants after puberty.
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Jaw growth is very dangerous for implants. Therefore, to ensure its success, waiting for the legal age is paramount.

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