Anger, Frustration and Anxiety: Managing Your Emotions When Kicking the Butt

EmotionNobody ever said it was easy to quit a habit — especially vices like smoking. Australia is home to 2.7 million smokers, and according to the Heart Foundation Relevance Survey in 2011, for every four smokers, three express a willingness to quit.

The Reality of Breaking the Habit

Nicotine regulates feelings of pleasure by activating dopamine production and release. Dependence on it is troublesome, and making the decision to quit cold turkey can turn a person’s body into quite the battlefield.

Quit Stop Now is just one of the many advocacies that support giving up the vice. Quitting is where your journey to a healthier life begins, but it is also where the battle starts.

A person reliant on nicotine experiences sudden dips in mood and emotion when there is a lack of the substance in the body. Frustration, anger and anxiety also peak when a person lives with triggers around – activities associated with smoking, such as eating or drinking coffee.

Stopping Takes a lot of Tries

The Mental Health Coordinating Council released a report explaining facts about smoking and how hard it can be to quit. It will take a smoker 7-8 attempts on average before successfully stopping. Those with mental health problems take a longer time giving up the habit.

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More than the physical withdrawal syndrome and the possible psychoses, strong emotions are important factors in a person’s journey to cutting down cigarette use and giving up altogether. It takes a full 48 hours before one crosses the line from rest to abstinence. It takes about two weeks before anger, frustration, anxiety and depression start to kick in – symptoms of withdrawal.

The Feeling of Giving up is Normal

Chemicals such as nicotine affects the body and the messes with hormones. The negative feelings associated with this, therefore, are normal and are to be expected. It serves as a direction that says one is on the right path. It signifies the nicotine leaving the system.

In a perfect universe, quitting should be as easy as making a decision to stop and then starting anew immediately. There is no reason to lose hope, though. Smoking and other bouts involving substance dependency can stop through systematic and holistic programs, and with the support of people who truly care.

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