Amazing English Desserts for the American Taste Buds

puddingMany dishes from the English seem rather amusing or even downright strange to the foreigner. What if Americans have roots from the English? With different terms used from the typical Colorado vocabulary, food in the UK might be more of a test of wills than an adventure in eating.

If you want to start out expanding your dessert options, why not sample these sweet dishes?

English Toffee

One of the most popular sweets in the UK is the toffee, a sweet candy topped with chocolate and almond slivers. There are age-old English toffee companies still operate today. Many people tend to be confused with toffee in general because it appears much like caramel and butterscotch. English toffee may have the same ingredients, but that’s where it often ends.

The English toffee CO suppliers explain the difference between these sweets. Butterscotch is usually a candy cooked to a point where it’s thick and holds its shape. Caramel is softer, which make it a favorite ingredient in different desserts. Toffee is similar to these two sweets in terms of taste, but tends to be more brittle.

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Banoffee pie is a dessert that found popularity in later years. This dessert is easy to make, which make it a favorite of many aspiring bakers. You can even find different variations of this delectable dessert in almost any restaurant or sweet shop.


A foreigner’s early introduction to English cuisine is the pudding. Typically made from old bread, raisins, eggs, and milk, it’s a means of using up everything in the kitchen and not letting it go to waste. Pudding has evolved from its more humble beginnings to a mainstay in restaurants, cafes, and homes.

The best thing about these desserts is that you don’t have to wonder so much about what’s inside them or how they’re cooked. They’re simple creations that you can add to different culinary creations. If you find at least one of them is tasty enough, don’t hesitate to pick up a recipe and experiment in your own kitchen.

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