Conditions When Knee Replacement is Recommended

Knee Surgery in UKThe thought of losing a part of your body will always be distressing, even if this is for a valid reason. You might be in this position if you are experiencing so much pain in your knee, perhaps due to osteoarthritis or other medical conditions. While you may want to retain your natural knee, you may also have to seriously consider the option of undergoing a knee replacement surgery.

Should you have that knee replacement surgery?

Although your doctor may have much to say on this matter, the final decision would always be yours. Of course, your healthcare provider may not also recommend a surgical intervention if it is not absolutely necessary and that your condition can be managed without the need for an operation.

The decision to have that knee replacement in Kent may be the best decision for you under these conditions:

No relief from any treatment. You may have to undergo that knee replacement if you are not getting relief from your pain and other symptoms with all the treatments you are receiving. It is recommended if medications, physical therapy, injections and even assistive devices have not been successful.

Huge impact on quality of life. Aside from the constant pain, your condition may have become so severe that engaging in normal activities have become difficult even when just sitting or taking a few steps. It can be so bad that you have now lost some functions and have to rely on others.

The deformity may have set in. A very good indication that your condition has gone very bad would be signs of deformity. It is not uncommon to see patients experiencing deformities as a result of knee disorders. Your knees may have become bowed or deformed in some other way.

The Condition may worsen. A hip replacement should be favoured if your doctor has determined that chances of improving are nil and that it will only get worse. Failure to act would mean more complications and further deterioration of your quality of life.

Should you decide to have a knee implant, it may be encouraging to note that millions of people have benefited from this. They have been able to enjoy significant improvements in their lives, with some claiming to have regained the old life they had. And you should know that knee replacement surgeries have success rates as high as 95 per cent.

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