Four Creative and Yummy Ways to Use Coffee

Iced CoffeeCoffee does not only make a variety of espresso-based drinks, but also a versatile ingredient for different types of beverages, desserts, and even meals. Its powder form makes it easy to use and blend with different food items.

Here are some creative and delicious ways to turn your favorite drink into something you can enjoy better:

Coffee float

If you’re both a sweet tooth and a caffeine-holic, a coffee float could just be your next favorite. It’s not just yummy; it’s also easy to make. Just mix a tablespoon of cocoa powder with your regular cup of coffee and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. In just a minute or two, you can treat yourself to a great dessert.

Blended Thai iced coffee

Hot or cold, your coffee gives you the same dose of caffeine. Freeze cold coffee in an ice cube tray and an equal amount of coconut milk in another. Once set, crush the cubes in the blender and add milk and vanilla. The result is a creamy and smooth treat you will surely love. As says, this ice blended coffee can also work well with gourmet syrups.

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Nutella latte

If you love Nutella as much as you love coffee, why not use them to make a killer combo? To make a Nutella latte, mix coffee and milk over medium heat, add Nutella, and stir until it melts. Bring it to a boil and add whipped cream. Add a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg or any spice of your choice. Enjoy it while it’s warm.

Caramelized coffee-spiced chicken

Who would have thought coffee goes well with chicken. Simply marinade chicken in coffee, balsamic vinegar, orange juice, scallion, and brown sugar for a few hours or overnight. Toss it in the oven until cooked. The result is a tender and juicy dinner with a hint of your favorite coffee.

Give yourself a new reason to enjoy your coffee by trying out creative coffee recipes. Surely, you’ll never see your favorite morning cup of Joe the same way again.

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