Aim High: Staying on Top of Acrophobia

Hot AirDoes the mere thought of standing on the tenth floor of a building make you nauseous? Do you experience violent shivers down your spine when someone invites you for a roller coaster ride?

Worry not — you just have a mild or severe case of acrophobia, otherwise known as the fear of heights.

While nearly everyone experiences a slight anxiety when faced with heights, others suffer from unexplainable fear. People’s extreme anxiety over great drops can sometimes interfere with their performance at work or compromise life quality.

If you can relate to these scenarios, there is only one way to resolve it: FACE YOUR FEAR.

Why Face it Head On

Initially, the idea of facing your greatest fear can be daunting. You might think: ‘Who in the right mind would want to face the heights? I can survive well despite my fears´. True enough, you can live with your fears but on some occasions, these will haunt you and compromise your enjoyment of life.

The best way to overcome your fear of drops or heights is to face them. This does not mean you should jump off the nearest cliff immediately. It all starts with understanding your fear and willing yourself to overcome it. Remember: it is not a snappy process; it takes time.

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Gradual Exposure to Your Fears

Once you have come to terms with your fear, it is time to start exposing yourself. After all, what is a challenge if you keep running away from it?

Start by studying the view on a 2nd-story balcony. If you are already comfortable, take one-step up at a time and continue exposing yourself to heights. For example, if your friends invite you over for a hot air balloon ride, do not refuse. According to, provider of hot air balloon deals, a trip in the sky may not trigger severe fear if you keep calm and just enjoy the view.

Should You Consider Therapy?

It pays to know your personal limits. If you find yourself missing opportunities due to your acrophobia and have tried coping with it, consider professional help. A therapist can help you better understand your triggers and provide the medication you need.

The skies have so much to offer when it comes to life experiences. Do not allow your fear to limit you and prevent you from enjoying activities up there. Stay on top of your fear by facing it.

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