Unifying the Company with Unique Team Building Activities

Team Building in Australia One of the essential ways to ensure business productivity is by engaging employees in an activity that fosters their sense of camaraderie. Although they may be working in different departments or business units performing vastly different roles and functions, the mere fact that they are essentially under a single business name means that esprit-de-corps must be reinforced.

Although there are no specific guidelines as to how often should businesses go on a special event just to foster camaraderie and esprit de corps, it is generally accepted that at least once a year, companies must devote at least a day for team-building and loyalty-fostering.

Activities that Foster Better Interpersonal Communication

All human interactions require communication. Business processes simply cease to exist if the different business units do not talk among each other. Try these time-tested team-building activities to promote better communication.

  • Two Truths and a Lie – each employee writes down two basic truths about them as well as one lie. They openly discuss these among themselves without revealing which is the truth and which is a lie.
  • Life Highlights Game – each employee will reflect on their fondest memories, determine which 30 seconds of their life they surely want relived, and then share this to the rest of the group.
  • Classification Game – each employee takes turns in introducing themselves to the group. Once everyone is finished, they decide how they will classify or group themselves according to what they have shared.
Activities that Facilitate Problem-Solving Skills

The problem-solving skills of employees are better achieved when they work cooperatively with other employees. The keyword here is cooperation and thus everyone should have an equal opportunity at solving the problem.

  • Sneak-a-Peak Game – individual team members are given an opportunity to ‘sneak-a-peak’ at a toy building block structure which they need to replicate. Each team is given a set period of time with which to replicate the structure before another sneak-a-peak is done to make fine adjustments to the replica.
  • The Great Egg Drop Game – the goal of the game is to see which team can create an egg package that can be safely from a height of eight feet.
  • Picture Pieces – a very detailed image is selected and cut into squares equal to the number of participants. Each participant will be given a piece of the square puzzle and try to enlarge that in a cardboard that is five times bigger than the original size. Everyone will then piece the enlarged puzzle pieces.

Some team-building activities include fulfilling challenging tasks, such as boating and treasure hunting. Often, an outdoor setting is required for this type, although indoor pursuits are also possible. For this, the group may try enrolling at Renouf.com.au for fitness classes in Perth. 

There are a lot of team-building activities that are designed for different purposes. However different they may be, the only reason why it is performed is to make sure that each and every single participant realizes and feels that he belongs to the group.

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