Wedding Anniversary Must-Do’s When In Colorado

River RaftingHaving a wonderful marital relationship that has lasted for so long deserves special recognition and a true celebration. Take time out and visit Colorado Springs for a full adventurous and romantic wedding anniversary celebration. Here are three “must-do’s” for you when you visit Colorado Springs during your latest anniversary.

Amazing River Rafting

Colorado have numerous river rafting areas that can accommodate from the novice to expert rowers. Some of these include the Arkansas River, the Colorado River and Clear Creek. You can even choose between kayaking, white water rafting or just the simple half day river float tours where you simply float by while enjoying the wondrous cliff and forest views. recommends a white water rafting adventure. When choosing the ride you want to take, consider which you both can enjoy each other’s company more.

The Scenic Route

If you both love the best of what nature has to offer then you might want to stroll, drive or climb to see for yourself the amazing views of Colorado Springs. Walk across the Royal Gorge Bridge or the Santa Fe Trail to see the natural beauty of the area. Hike to the Highland bowl of Aspen Highlands or drive through Rocky Mountain National Park to reach the awesome overlooking view of the San Juan Skyway. Enjoy the sights which include the look of pleasure on your partner’s face.

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Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Colorado also has wonderful pampering and relaxing resorts and hotels. One of them is the Springs Resort and Spa that offer more than 20 hot spring pools. Dripping Springs Inn offers romantic packages along with horseback riding and boating. Estes Park houses two wineries which you and your partner can tour and even do tastings. And if your thing is romantic cabins with porches and fireplaces then head to the Colorado Rocky Mountain for rentals.

Having the beautiful scenes of Colorado surrounding you while you hold your beautiful (or handsome) spouse beside you is definitely worth the trip. This is the perfect time for you both to enjoy each other while enjoying your anniversary trip. Here’s to a successful holiday in Colorado and an even more successful wedding celebration.

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