Chiropractic and Headaches: Banish Headaches with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care in EaganHeadaches can occur for different reasons. Usually, it’s your body’s way of saying that there’s something not quite right. While some headaches are a result of rare morning after issues such as excessive eating, drinking, or smoking, some are caused by eye stress, hunger, poor diet, bad lighting, constipation, daily infection pressures, allergies, or excessive noise among many others. In rare instances, headaches are symptoms of organic conditions like diabetes or certain cancers.

Headaches from a Chiropractic Viewpoint

Headaches are actually common in individuals with chiropractic issues. Normally, a headache results from weakened spinal neck bones that can’t properly support your head. Your spinal bones or seven cervical vertebrae could be misaligned due to excess emotional and physical stress. It could then irritate your neck’s nerve roots and result in some constriction of vessels that supply blood to your brain. Once this occurs, you will feel a headache, time and time again that if not addressed promptly or properly could cause more severe symptoms.

Studies indicate that headaches of the most common kinds respond particularly well to chiropractic adjustments, and chiropractors in Eagan, MN agree because many cases of severe headaches are alleviated once jaw issues and spinal subluxations — misaligned spinal joints that irritate nerves and don’t function well — are treated.

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What Chiropractic Care Can Do for You

People all too often become used to self-medicating headaches, which could actually conceal potentially serious conditions. Relying on or indiscriminately using painkillers instead of proper evaluation and diagnosis should be stopped since early intervention and treatment are crucial to proper care.

If your case is a great candidate for chiropractic care, your care will be composed of a series of chiropractic adjustments that will aid in normalizing your spinal function, decreasing nerve irritation, improving blood circulation, and restoring vital spinal curves. Routine checkups and chiropractic care are needed to eliminate neck joints subluxation, which is among the most common headache causes.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that while headaches are common, they are not normal, and could be caused by many different things. In case your chiropractor can’t determine what causes your headaches, you’ll be referred to another specialist for further evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment.

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