Bad Baby Teeth Lead to Crooked Permanent Teeth

A Kid Brushing His TeethAs soon as the first few baby teeth erupt, it is time for your child to begin eating solid foods. Baby teeth are temporary teeth that eventually fall out. As children begin shedding their baby teeth, the adult teeth take their place.

Since the teeth are impermanent, many English parents mistakenly believe oral care is not important at this early stage. They fall out anyway, so why would it matter if they get a cavity or two? The truth is that bad baby teeth often lead to crooked teeth in adulthood. To spare your child from paying an emergency visit to your orthodontist in Milton Keynes, instil healthy oral hygiene habits at an early age.

Baby Teeth are Placeholders for Permanent Teeth

Look at a cross section of a child’s jaw. You will see that their permanent teeth have already developed. They are spread out along the upper part of the jaw, just underneath the nasal cavity.

The baby teeth are merely placeholders for the permanent teeth. Baby teeth allow your child to get proper nutrition by allowing them to eat solid foods. They act as a stand-in for when actual teeth erupt.

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As placeholders, they also serve as a way for the jaw to adjust to the width of the permanent teeth. They keep the area open so that there is enough space for the adult teeth to erupt. The surrounding teeth begin crowding if the tooth gets a cavity and falls out prematurely.

An empty space means more movement, so as the teeth shift, the area narrows. This causes the adult teeth to become crooked, as they do not have enough space to grow.

Caring for Baby Teeth may Save Money in the End

Remember that children’s teeth fall out in a specific order, which ensures that the permanent teeth erupt correctly as well. Take extra care during this time, when your child’s jaw has a mix of baby and permanent teeth.

You save money if you care for your child’s baby teeth. Not only are cavities expensive to treat, but a visit to your local orthodontist is pricey too.

Instil good dental habits in your children. It is an effective preventative measure to ensure straight adult teeth.

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