Wedding Photography Trends: To Follow or Not to Follow?

Wedding Photography in DenverWedding trends come and then go, and this is true with wedding photography. Making your big day fun and memorable is crucial, but how do you know which ones to try and which ones to say absolutely no to? No worries. Here’s a guide for you.

DO Use Drones and GoPro

Shots from above and every angle you can think of is possible with drones and GoPros. Make sure that it’s legal for drones to fly above your wedding venue, though, and that your videographer is experienced with flying drones.

DON’T Let in the Paparazzi

Ever went to a wedding where you see smartphones and tablets rather than the ceremony itself? You wouldn’t want that at your wedding. The good news is that it’s your wedding day and that you can request your guests to tuck their devices in their bags and pockets so that they can really witness your ceremony.

DO Allow Monopods or Selfie Sticks

While selfie sticks could be downright obnoxious and ridiculous in some circumstances, they’re generally okay for weddings. Your guests will have fun goofing around and taking photos and photographers love shooting guests having fun and letting loose, says an experienced and renowned wedding photography studio in Denver. It’s a good way to take happy candid shots.

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DON’T Fight the Hashtag

Regardless if you’re a social media addict or not, you can’t argue that a hashtag will make it easier for you and your guests to find your wedding photos. Plus it’s an ideal way for you and your soon-to-be-spouse see candid moments of your big day that you may have missed; it will also make your beloved guests feel more involved in the festivities.

DO Consider Film Photography

Photos on film offer a more classic and richer look that’s relatively different from digital photos. Experienced photographers also state that film captures nuances and details more effectively.

DON’T Choose a Canned Engagement Pictorial

Instead of doing a posed and overly produced engagement pictorial, consider doing stuff that you normally do with your loved one and have a photographer string along. Your photos will look more real since you won’t feel pressured about getting perfect shots and your love will shine through more.

DO Choose Post-wedding Photos

A post-wedding pictorial is a good way to capture some posed or styled photos that you didn’t have time to do during your big day. You can consider having some shots taken en route to your honeymoon, going back to your venue, or in your new home.

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Whether you choose to follow these dos and don’ts or not, what’s important that you listen to your gut instincts and do what you think will be best for your big day. After all, you’ll be the one looking at your wedding photos for years and years to come.

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