Relax By Ditching Relaxed: Natural Hair Empowers

Powerful Hairstyles in BrooklynLast May 2015, Buzzfeed released a video entitled Powerful Hair Makeovers that Transform Lives. Celebrity stylist David Dang gave six individuals consultations according to their hair type and preferences.

Each story reflected the power of transformation. One woman dared to go extreme by shaving half of her head, while the other colored her blond hair for the first time (and in shocking red too). Amidst the tales of revamping and cutting, one recommendation stood out.

A black woman named Daysha didn’t get a new updated look for her relaxed hair. Instead, Dang said she should “…go all natural.”

Ole Natural: Is it Better?

The team from Just Because Hair Therapy Salon also agrees with Dang’s suggestion. Natural is healthier compared to relaxed hair. While Dang was observing Daysha’s hair, he mentioned that her glorious locks experienced enough treatments.

The hair might look sleek and beautiful after another round of treatment, but as the days go by, relaxed hair might split and break, especially along the hairline.

Rather than change her look by adding more chemicals, Dang suggested to “…let your hair breathe” and sent Daysha to a salon and get her natural hair back.

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New Love for your Hair

Even though most people love straight and sleek hair, this doesn’t mean you should follow the trend. Constant styling can be tiring not only for your hair, but for you too. Daysha mentioned that she always had to rack her brains for a new look.

By letting everything go, you have one less thing to decide on, which also comes with a new appreciation for your hair. You discover the unique beauty ole natural has for you. It’s a struggle but eventually, you’ll love the new look and so will others.

A Rebel in the Midst

If you want to make a statement, going natural is one way. By ditching the straighteners, you communicate self-acceptance, which some women lack. Most African-American women relax their hair. Doing the exact opposite, however, reflects your want to non-conform — an empowering gesture especially to those who wish to go natural but hesitate.

No matter what anyone says, natural is beautiful. Like Daysha, embracing your natural hair again is an empowering transformation that inspires others.

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