Revitalising Your Dull Marriage in 3 Ways

Lifeless MarriageLucky are those married couples that stay honeymooners forever. But for the rest of us, spicy would be the last adjective to describe your union at some point. Especially after having kids, many Australian couples become so preoccupied with everything in their lives except with each other. Next thing you know, the dying flame of your romance is nearly out.

You should get it burning once more. It does take hard work, but if you’re truly serious about changing the status of your marriage, you wouldn’t mind considering the following:

Go Out in a Simple Date

When it comes to dates, nothing beats simplicity. You don’t really need a fancy overseas trip or a lavish cruise getaway just to spice things up. More often than not, reserving one of the most romantic private dining rooms in Brisbane or Sydney would do.

Good food, great wine, meaningful “alone” time together; a simple lovely date would surely refuel your desire for each other.

Act with Spontaneity

If you want to bring back the excitement in your marriage, why not do something romantic out of the blue. Spontaneous acts of love are powerful because they contain the element of surprise. Love usually feels more true and raw if you don’t see it coming. Without any expectations, even the slightest of gestures have a grand effect.

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Don’t Forget the Small Things

Speaking of gestures, doing the little things for your better half never lose their attractiveness. You may not find the time to go out on a holiday with your significant other than you did in the past, but you really just have to show your affection in any way you can.

Opening the door for her, giving her a good massage after a stressful day, spooning while sleeping — these are relatively mundane, but nevertheless sweet tokens no expensive European trips could match.

Time changes everything, including love. And if you don’t make an effort to keep it alive, it might one day die beyond revival. Don’t let that happen, not only for your children but also for your personal happiness.

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