3 Small Things You Should Do for Yourself

Workout with kettle bellWhy do you a thing or say yes to something? Most often, it’s because you are motivated or encouraged by others to do this or to do that. Sometimes, you do it as a means to an end. Very rarely do you do something just for yourself, for your own satisfaction, and for your own improvement.

It's normal to recognise and acknowledge outside motivation factors in the things we do daily, but there should be a space in which you allow yourself pleasures that aren't meant for anybody's approval or the society's acceptance.

Qldkettlebells.com.au shares some ideas to help you become the best version of yourself.

Be Stronger

Train to be stronger not for anybody else but yourself. This will not only help you defend yourself better should the situation call for it, but it will also help you be more attuned to your body – your limits, your capabilities, and your goals. Take a program in the gym that focuses on core strength or try personal training. East Brisbane has several fitness experts who can guide you in your journey.

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Pursue Your Passion

It might be that when you were still in college, you pursued a degree that was different from your true passion. Maybe it’s time that you make time for your true passion. Whether that's painting, traveling or helping your community, go and do it. Don't think about what others are going to say; you owe it to yourself to focus on your inner passions.

Indulge in a Hobby

If you're not the type to go to the gym to exercise or if it's challenging to pursue your passion at the moment, then take up a hobby that allows you to relax. It can be stressful to subscribe to what the society demands of you, so try gardening or knitting or any other activity that helps you clear your head and spend time with yourself.

Pick up a book, go on a long walk alone, or learn a new language. When someone asks you why you're trying to learn how to speak Dothraki or why you keep going on dates all by yourself, tell them you're doing it for yourself. You're definitely worth it.  

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