The Millennial Age: This Shouldn’t Have to be an iPad Generation

Children at PlaygroundThe Millennial Age, apparently, is all about technology.

Innovations follow you everywhere. From home improvement to entertainment, it’s all about the Internet, computers and mobile phones. Given the fast pace of almost everything, millennials surrender their daily lives to technology — not just the adults, but the kids, too.

If you’re out on a trip, wondering what your kids can do in Brisbane, please do one thing: don’t let them stare at their iPads or tablet too long.

The Siren Song of Tech

Rather than go out and play some sports, the majority of kids these days choose to stay at home glued to their screens. Parents of the past considered the television and consoles as enemy number one in getting the kids out for some active play. Today’s parents, however, are dealing with iPads and tablets.

Online stores offer more apps for entertainment and games. Because of their convenience, kids would rather curl up on their beds and keep tapping.

Parents also succumb to the benefits of tablets and iPads. To keep their active tot from disrupting conversations or errands, they don’t resolve to traditional paper and crayons. Gadgets distract younger kids better, giving mom and dad greater freedom to move around.

Convenience Shouldn’t Be the Case

Distracting the kids with iPads is easier, but it may result in inactivity and diseases.

When it comes to play, convenience shouldn’t be the case. Children are missing out on the numerous benefits of active play. They don’t get enough Vitamin D from the sun by staying indoors. Active play like jumping around encourages them to stretch their muscles and exercise their bodies.

Apart from the physical benefits, ditching the iPad for a game of basketball or volleyball also stabilizes a firm circle of friends. They learn lessons of teamwork and good socialisation.

Mom and dad, please don’t let your kids enjoy their gadgets too much. Spare them from the iPad addiction of the millennial generation. Instead, encourage a temporary break and get them running and jumping for fitness and better socialisation.

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