Symbol of Love: The Origin of Engagement Rings

Engagement RingsMost men who plan to propose to their longtime girlfriends start to save money to afford an engagement ring with a diamond – or at least a gemstone – that any woman would love. While this tradition has always been practiced, not many people really know how it began. Thanks to the etiquette gurus, here’s a bit of history about engagement rings and why they are important.

Rings as a Symbol of Love

Looking back, the use of engagement rings as a symbol of love started in Ancient Egypt, but exchanging rings became a tradition in Ancient Greece and Rome. Back then, married couples were not the only ones allowed to present rings. Even lovers give each other jewelry as a sign of love and appreciation, and to indicate their intention to tie the knot soon. At one time, many people believed that the ring should be placed on the fourth finger of the left hand as it has the vena amoris (vein of love) that leads to a person’s heart. 

In the 11th century, the church started blessing these rings and in the mid-16th century, this precious jewelry became a part of wedding ceremonies. Since then, different kinds of engagement rings and wedding bands emerged.

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A Ring of Forever

In a wedding ceremony, the wedding band is presented by the couple while saying the words, “Wear this ring as a sign of my eternal love…” Jewelry businesses such as say that the perfect wedding ring should be as long-lasting as the love of couples. Many men buy an engagement ring that represents the stunning beauty of their spouse or partner and the durability of their love for each other.

At present, the diamond and moissanite are among the top picks for engagement ring gems. Who doe

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