What to Eat While Your Dental Implant is Healing

Dental ImplantIt is not always so easy to have a balanced diet if you are limited to soft, mushy food. When you have missing teeth, your diet is limited as you may only eat food not requiring as much effort to chew.

In Kent, dental implants are becoming a popular option for those who want their teeth replaced. The great thing about implants is they are strong, stable and resistant to chipping. Unfortunately, people who undergo the implantation procedure will have to wait a little while before they may go back to eating regular food. While the dental implant is healing, the patient has to limit himself to a soft diet.

A Balanced Diet

Most people want to heal as quickly as possible so that they can resume their regular activities. To keep your strength and to hurry along the healing process, it is important to have a healthy, balanced diet.

Get the right nutrients if you want your implants to heal. It is vital for you to get the right amount of proteins, grains and vegetables.

What to Eat

For grains, stick to very soft food like noodles and porridge. Grains are usually too rough and hard on the teeth during the healing process, so these cooked versions are a good alternative.

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When it comes to vegetables, there are many options available. Mash cooked vegetables like carrots, potatoes, green peas and cauliflower. Vegetables are a great source of complex nutrients, which keep your body healthy.

Most types of meat are sadly off the table. For your source of protein, eat eggs, which remain soft no matter how you cook it. Even hard boiled eggs are spongy enough for patients to eat.

Dairy is also a good option as cheese and yoghurt are already soft. Pick something with a minimal amount of sugar, as the sugar may increase the bacteria count in your mouth. You will want to avoid bacteria build-up while you are healing a dental implant.

Your dentist will tell you when you can switch to a regular diet. Just be sure to limit yourself to a soft diet until your implant heals completely. 

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