All Work and No Play? Creating a Fun and Positive Work Environment

Positive Work EnvironmentLet’s face it, you spend most of your adult life at work. You dedicate eight to nine hours a day for five days a week to support your family. The least you can do for yourself and for your company is to develop an enjoyable and optimistic work atmosphere.

Form Bonds Outside of Work

Begin by treating your employees to a company outing at Eagle Point Resort. You can also join charity runs, film occasional spoof videos, get together for a food truck party, and root for your favorite teams at basketball games.

This is not only a way to reward employees for their hard work, but team activities will strengthen inter-office bonds. Give them a temporary escape now and then. Your monthly outings will give them something to forward to.

Initiate the Fun

The workplace doesn’t have to be a formal environment all the time. Get to know the interest of the majority in your office and you can begin from there. If most of your employees are sports fans, embrace their love for the game. Form two fantasy basketball teams and track the progress of each team on a board all through the season. This way, everybody can track the status of the game and determine the winning team.

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Fantasy leagues are an ideal way to promote team spirit, bring your employees together, and provide them an event to look forward to daily.

Forming a fun and positive working environment is not only necessary for you, but it will also increase the productivity of your employees. The secret here is to alter how they see your office by giving them a nudge in going to work and doing their best each day.

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