Are There Pocket-Friendly Shows in Brisbane This Year?

Festival in BrisbaneWith its awesome weather, friendly people and a fantastic climate, Brisbane has many fun activities on offer. If you are looking for a budget-friendly and exciting things, this city has everything. The coming months are particularly very promising with all the upcoming shows. Here are some places where you can catch the action affordably.

Brisbane Festival

Every year, this event transforms Brisbane into a galaxy of fireworks and pink lights, as exciting shows keep revellers engaged. This year’s event may be ending, but there are still some shows to catch. For example, the Sunsuper Riverfire is taking place on the 24th of September 2016. Take your family to a good vantage point on the banks of Brisbane River and savour the explosion of colours in the sky. Other free events include Little Creatures Treehouse and Brisbane Airport 3D Street Art.

Red Deer Music and Arts Festival

Brace yourself for this celebration of art and music, one month after the Brisbane Festival. This is an opportunity to enjoy eclectic performances from emerging artists from across Australia. You can participate in this show for as little as $20.75.

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Powerhouse Arts Centre

Brisbane Powerhouse recommends the Powerhouse Arts Centre, which is a fascinating place not only for the art, but also for live music and theatre productions. There are many free upcoming shows in this part of Brisbane including a kid’s show called Powerkids: Little Artists at Play and Livespark music show.

100% Brisbane

This unique show is running from 15 July 2016 to 31 December 2016 at no cost. It is simply about everything Brisbane is about — its people, culture, background, and successes, among others. You can bring your family to the fantastic and enlightening exhibition that will help you know the city better.

Brisbane, as always, is promising months of unending entertainment ahead. Everyone has something to enjoy through the music, art, foods, parties and all the other upcoming shows.

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