Barbecue First Aid: Treating Backyard Barbecue Injuries

Backyard Barbeque in AustraliaThe perfect way to celebrate a family reunion is with a barbecue. Even with all the wholesome backyard fun, however, accidents can still happen, according to Australia Wide First Aid. Thus, learning basic first aid skills to minimise the severity of injuries is essential when you want to keep the event lively and ensure that the barbecue session goes smoothly.

Treatment for Burns

Given how camp stoves, fire pits, grills and other heat sources are an integral part of the barbecue experience, burns are the injury most likely to occur. When applying first aid treatment to a burn, apply cold water — never ice as this causes frostbite — on the affected area right away to minimise swelling. Wrap the burned area loosely with a sterile pad and avoid bursting any blisters.

For serious burns, remove any accessory covering the burned area, wrap it with a dry, clean pad or sheet and call for an ambulance immediately.

Treatment for Heat Stroke

Barbecue sessions can get hot and lead guests to succumb to heat stroke. When you suspect that a person is suffering from heat stroke, immediately transfer them to a shady, cool area, remove tight or constricting clothing and give the person lots of water. For severe cases, cool the person down with a shower or sponge bath. As heat stroke could be fatal, be sure to call emergency after applying first aid.

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Treatment for Tick Bites

If you are at a barbecue in a campsite, park or backyard where there is undergrowth or a wood nearby, there is a good chance that there are ticks in the area as well. Use tweezers to grasp ticks firmly near the mouth or head and pull it gently away from your body. Remember not to yank too hard as the head may detach and stay in the skin.

After detaching the tick, wash the bite area with water and soap and disinfect it with an antiseptic. Keep an eye out on the site of the bite for at least 30 days as Lyme disease may develop during this period.

Knowing basic first aid can help keep any barbecue session safe and fun by helping to manage any injuries and prevent it from getting worse. So, when things take a turn for the worse, make sure to keep a cool head and remember these tips.

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