Public Speaking Anxiety Strikes Again! Getting Over Your Biggest Fear

Public Speaking in SalisburySome of the biggest fears of Britons include spiders, clowns, snakes and heights. Did you know, however, that public speaking also made the list, ranking third in UK’s top fears?

Speaking in front of a crowd is inevitable, however. Whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to present an idea, make a pitch, or give a class presentation eventually. While it’s impossible to escape the clutches of public speaking, you can work on overcoming your biggest fear. Read on to find out how to get rid of your “glossophobia,” once and for all:

Practice and Prepare

As long as you’re familiar with what you’re talking about, you should be fine. Organize all of your thoughts and make an outline out of your key points. Make sure you’re familiar with what you plan to talk about from start to finish. Don’t underestimate the time spent on preparations — practice makes perfect, after all.

Watch Yourself in the Mirror

Watching your reflection while practising can help you observe your demeanour, and work on improving your body movements for a more powerful presentation. The right facial expressions can give a much needed confidence boost, and MiSmile suggests Invisalign treatment in Salisbury for the perfect smile to further dazzle your audience. It can help you appear more welcoming to your audience as well!

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Work on Your Power Poses

Did you know that striking the right expansive pose for as short as two minutes can decrease stress hormone levels? Take some time out before your presentation to place your hands on your hips, or put your hands behind your head. It may seem awkward at first, but by the time you face the audience, your stage fright will have all but disappeared.

Before a big presentation, don’t dwell on stage fright and the different ways your talk could go wrong. The trick to overcoming your fear of public speaking is spending time on preparing for your presentation and knowing your material by heart.

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