Can You Remember?

Cosmetic Dental TreatmentWhen was the last time you went to the dentist? We are meant to have check ups on our teeth every six months, do you keep to that? Oral health is just as important as any other type of health, yet we often neglect this part of our bodies.

How about a change?

The world of dentistry has changed a lot. A visit to a dentist like Harley Street Dental Clinic in Harley Street is a very different experience to what it was years ago. Technology has evolved to make treatments quicker, more convenient and much less invasive.

If you have misaligned or crooked teeth, or perhaps an overbite or underbite, dentists can now correct this with a variety of braces. One of the most popular brands is Invisalign, mainly due to the fact it is near-invisible and fits so snugly to your teeth that nobody will know it is there.

Discolouration can be easily corrected via tooth whitening, which can take place at home or in the dental practice, using a low bleach solution. This produces excellent results and a bright white smile to be proud of.

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If you have missing teeth, you may consider looking at dental implants. They are artificial metal roots carefully implanted into your jawbone, providing a very strong base to attach new teeth or bridges to. The end result is a dependable and natural feeling replacement tooth or teeth.

Very nervous patients

If you get very nervous, a good dentist is now able to provide intravenous sedation, administered by in-house professional and experienced anaesthetists. These staff members are trained to understand the worries and concerns of nervous dental patients and keep you fully comfortable at all times. As a result, your treatment will be undertaken with absolutely no pain, and you will have little to no recollection of the experience itself. The service is safe and you are carefully monitored at all times.


A visit to the dentist does not often come cheaply, particularly if you are having a cosmetic treatment. Many dentists now solve this problem by offering interest free or low interest payment plans, which enable you to spread the cost of the treatment so it becomes more accessible and affordable to you.

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