Enhance Workspaces, Improve Business: What You Can Do

Modern OfficeOffices are changing. You’ll find fewer rigid spaces, with poor lighting and floors populated by cubicles. Most modern offices are design-driven, with murals, colorful furniture, and quirky artwork. Other offices have open floor plans, with hubs to inspire creativity, teamwork, and innovation. Why are businesses rethinking office spaces?

The Bottom Line

A simple design change in your leased office space can have a positive effect on your employees. According to a survey from a global research firm, workspace improvement raises the job performance by 22%.

With better employee performance, businesses also benefit from long-term savings and employee satisfaction. The simple change involved reducing clutter, addressing background noise, and maintaining room temperature.

The survey also found that sleep and activity affected performance. A 26-minute nap, according to the results, can enhance productivity by 34% and alertness by 54%-100%. Meanwhile, a 2-minute activity per hour of sedentary activity can lower risk of death by 33%.

Smart Changes 

Your workspace changes can have the same results. With key improvements that consider how your workers use the office, equipment, and furniture, your business can experience productivity, and an improved bottom line.

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Here are some suggestions:

Choose the right colors

The most inexpensive way to change your workspace is with new paint in the right colors. Yellow increases alertness, clarity, creativity, and productivity, while green reduces fatigue and bolsters efficiency. Blue encourages creativity and enhances trust, and red boosts energy.

Add elements of nature

Bring nature indoors. Choose furniture made of bamboo. Add plants that thrive indoors. Use natural lighting when possible.

Create more opportunities for employee engagement.

Workspaces that increase exploration or employee engagement can achieve higher productivity. Experts refer to “collision spaces” as benefitting both employees and the businesses.

The new office space makes room for creativity, productivity, and employee satisfaction. Consider design changes relevant to your office space. And implement them today for a favorable future in business.

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