Inexpensive but Luxurious Ways to Relieve Your Stress

Stress RelievingRest and Relaxation — who has time, right? The truth is, you should. Not only will it make you feel better, but it is something your body needs. More than half your waking life you spend at work, where — like it or not — stress is a constant companion. Then you spend more stressful hours on the daily commute through traffic to and from work. The least you could do is spend a little more time pampering yourself and helping your body recover from all of that. Here are some suggestions on how to do that.

Devote a weekend to yourself

It can be an entire weekend or a holiday. Instead of going through more stress planning something elaborate, thereby defeating the purpose, just stay home. If you live alone, that’s not a problem; if you have a family, perhaps you can work something out, like giving them tickets to a game they love and you staying home for some rest. You can also stay in a hotel room. Take naps, read a book, swim a few laps at the hotel pool, and eat a healthy dinner.

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Indulge in a bath

Take a hot bath complete with fragrant petals and delicate bubbles in the water, some relaxing scented candles, and a glass of your favorite wine. Put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the doorknob. Listen to some slow and stress relieving music.

Sleep in comfort

After that hot, luxurious bath, wear your favorite sleep apparel and get under the sheets. To add to your comfort and rest, invest in queen size bamboo sheets. These are sheets made with a fabric manufactured with a real bamboo material. These sheets are more durable and resilient than cotton or other fabrics. They are also softer and thermo-regulating, which means they’re not too warm during summer but are really warm during winter. The material is highly breathable. Imagine just taking naps or retiring for the night in such deliciously comfortable sheets.

These may be simple suggestions, but that’s the whole point: why stress yourself out thinking of how to deal with stress? Something as simple as spending a weekend this way can help you shed that stress, and you didn’t even need to spend a dime on a plane ticket to some crowded beach.

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