What Distinguishes a Great Dentist?

Dental TeamWhen you are looking for a dentist, you first need to ask yourself what is important to you. You choice might be in a convenient location or based on a recommendation. If you have a specific treatment in mind, you might want someone who specialises in that. Whatever it is, there are usually plenty of options to make sure you can get your needs met.

There are some qualities that you may not have considered that are the mark of a top quality dentist and it is worth considering them when making your choice of dentist in Ruislip. Below we discuss just a few of these and why they are important.

Transparency around procedures

You should be able to ask for and get information on all procedure from hygiene practices to finance plans. Each member of the dental team should be a member of the General Dental Council (GDC) to demonstrate that they are regulated and properly trained. Any information you need to make you feel secure and happy around your treatment should be available to you.

A full range of offerings

Dentists offer a broad range of treatments these days from Botox to invisible braces. This is good for their practice but also good for you because it means that there is more likely to be the solution you want in the time frame you want and within the budget that you have.

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It is worth checking the range even if you are not looking for anything extra on top of standard dental offerings because a wide range means an enthusiastic and continually developing practice.

Working in partnership with great brands

Many brands have high standards of quality checking and continuous professional development that they need dentists to adhere to in order to carry their brand. They train dentists to administer their offering and then send them off into the world and they need to have strict ways of checking that the quality of their brand is being accurately represented so that their reputation is protected. As they are motivated by a combination of patient care and commercial interest you can be sure that they are scrutinising practitioners thoroughly and so this can add a layer of trust for you.

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