Teeth Whitening Strips: Are They Worth It?

Teeth Whitening in WalsallMany people would like to project a smile that is both white and bright — and if they could do so without having to shell out too much cash for a teeth whitening treatment or invest a lot of time getting a procedure done, then all the better. While it is possible for people to use teeth whitening strips as an alternative solution to whitening teeth, however, the convenience brought by this method may not necessarily translate to effectiveness.

How These Strips Work

When one presses the whitening strip onto the teeth, the whitening gel on the inner side of the strip penetrates the tooth’s surface and starts its whitening work. Each strip contains carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide — both of which are whitening agents. The person applies these strips on a daily basis over a period of two to three weeks.

Possible Tooth Damage and Sensitivity

Although strips are safe to apply in moderation, repeated use may lead to tooth sensitivity and even permanent damage to the enamel. The enamel may erode due to the constant application of the whitening agent. This may not only lead to tooth pain but also end in tooth loss because of decay. Thus, people looking to try these strips should be in great oral condition. Dental practices like The Priory Dental Practice believe that people with thinning, chipped or broken teeth are not ideal candidates for the treatment.

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Risks of Uneven Whitening

While the process of applying teeth whitening strips seems easy enough, the limited coverage of the strip is a huge shortcoming. There will always be an area where the strip will not cover the teeth. Although careful application can certainly prevent the same spots from staying uncovered, chances are, not all teeth will have the same degree of whiteness. Apart from uneven results, the strips may also leave unsightly and noticeable yellow edges on the teeth.

This should give people food for thought before they go through with this type of whitening treatment. People who want to use whitening strips should pay a visit to their dentist and find out if the method is suitable for their particular situation.

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