Ways to Help Someone Who is Dealing with an Asthma Attack

BreathingHow would you respond to someone who is struggling to breathe? A little knowledge from asthma training courses goes a long way. You might even save someone’s life simply because you know how to respond.

How do you recognise an asthma attack?

The first step to helping someone with an asthma attack is knowing how to recognise one. The clearest sign is difficulty in breathing caused by the inflammation of the airways. This leads to tightening of the muscles surrounding the latter. An attack may result in wheezing, chest pains and coughing spells.

However, a lot of people mistake asthma attacks with wheezing, this is not always the case. Asthma is different because when someone wheezes they have to move air out. If there is an obstruction in the airways, the air may not be able to move out, and wheezing may not occur. An asthma attack is variable and may depend on the individual.

Ways to Respond to an Asthma Attack

Advancements in science and medicine have reduced asthma attacks; however, knowing how to respond is still helpful. Here are ways to help someone having an attack:

  • Be calm when trying to help someone having an asthma attack; reassure them that you are there to assist them. One of the signs of panic is breathing difficulties. You do not want to worsen the condition of a person who already has blocked airways. Keep the person in a sitting position so their breathing remains normal and unobstructed.
  • Remove the trigger as soon as you are able to identify it. Assess the situation and remove the cause, if you can. Some of the triggers include an existing illness, smoke, dirt, certain food, mould, dust mites, pollen and others.
  • Call for immediate help; knowing first aid and how to respond are important, but let the experts provide the appropriate treatments.
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When you respond to someone having an asthma attack, you are able to alleviate their pain and prevent a severe one from happening.



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