Five Natural Treatments to Cure Adrenal Fatigue at Home

Woman Suffering Adrenal FatigueAround 80% of Americans experience some form of adrenal fatigue. That’s not surprising, considering the fast-paced lifestyle we live in today. The adrenal glands are two tiny glands located above your kidneys. Small as they may be, they are the powerhouse of your body’s endocrine system, as they regulate the production of most of the body’s important hormones.

When faced with increasing stress from the pressures of living a busy daily life, the adrenals can get exhausted. This leads to symptoms that may already be familiar to you, such as insomnia, tiredness even after eight hours of sleep, decreased sex drive, irritability, the need for caffeine, and impaired brain functions.

Fortunately, there’s help for adrenal fatigue. And you can get your adrenals back in great condition by doing the following:

Change your diet

Stimulants such as sugar and caffeine add more stress to your adrenals, so it’s best to eliminate them from your diet. Replace them with lean protein, colorful vegetables, healthy carbohydrates (such as oats and quinoa), and good fats (such as coconut oil and fatty fish).

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Take supplements

B vitamins, such as B5, B6, and B12, are essential for energy production and can be at low levels if you’re on a low-carb diet. Omega-3 fatty acids, mostly EPA and DHA, are also helpful in minimizing inflammation, which allows the adrenal glands to recover.

Know more about adaptogens

Adaptogens are non-toxic herbs that aim to reduce stress, both physically and mentally. These come in different forms — pills, tinctures, and powders. It’s not the answer to specific health conditions, though. Its purpose is to make you feel a better version of yourself. This means better sleep and a healthy appetite and sex drive.

Get a lot of rest

The last thing you need is more stress on your adrenals. To combat stress, you need to take on an extensive regimen of sleeping, resting, and relaxing. Get eight hours of sleep at night, and preferably be in bed by 11 P.M. Build rest into your day and practice relaxation techniques, such as yoga, deep breathing, and meditation.

Change your worldview

Stop subscribing to the belief that living a happy, successful life involves having to burn yourself out to get what you want. There are plenty of other ways to succeed, and they all do not require you to kill yourself just so you can get to the top of the career ladder.

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Treating adrenal fatigue can take some time. After all, it likely took you years to wear out your adrenals. There’s no hard-and-fast cure, only simple yet lasting lifestyle changes that can help you take care of your adrenal glands and bring them back to life.

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