The Proposal: Your Girlfriend Wants Sincerity, Not Over-the-Top

Enagagement RingIt’s all over Instagram and Facebook. Every day, you see videos of wedding proposals, and it’s rarely the traditional down-on-one-knee approach. Apart from the “popping the question” part, there’s the element of surprise, balloons, flowers, fireworks, and cute pets (often holding the box containing the ring). The most extravagant ones can come with a choir or thousands of chocolates.

For a simple boyfriend like you who just wants to marry the love of his life, you may feel the pressure – especially if your significant other enjoys watching said videos.

Like any other guy, you want the proposal to be memorable, but should you follow the footsteps of these Instagram and Facebook boyfriends?

What Matters First

If you want the proposal to be memorable, here’s a tip: remember the basics.

Meaning: ask the family and loved ones for permission first. Proposals are no longer traditional; some couples choose to just elope. But it’s still helpful to have the family on your side.

Don’t forget to buy the Moissanite engagement ring too. Before you think about the program, how it should go, and when you should ask, get the ring first. Think about the hints she dropped before, and make sure you get it right. After all, the ring is the piece de resistance of your proposal.

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Once you get the basics, it’s time to plan.

Should You Go Extravagant?

Sure, social media shows heartfelt proposals that include too many elements of surprise, flowers, and even a helicopter. Thanks to the influence of celebrities (Hello there, Kanye West), plenty of excited boyfriends jump on the bandwagon.

But is it the standard?

Your girlfriend might be starry-eyed whenever she watches these, but know this: it’s not always the standard. Instead of focusing on extravagance, invest in a more sincere proposal.

Sincerity Matters

There’s nothing wrong with adding extras when you pop the question, but do not dwell on these or force yourself. What matters is the effort – how much you can afford, the brainstorming, and the consideration of her preferences. Work within your reach and put a little extra, only if you can.

Popping the question should be memorable, but don’t force yourself to the limit. Remember: it’s the thought and love that counts.

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