What is Invisalign?

Good Oral HygieneInvisalign is an innovative new way to straighten your teeth. It allows you to transform your smile discreetly and comfortably using a sequence of virtually invisible custom-made aligners to gradually straighten your teeth without the need for metal wires or brackets.

Each aligner is individually manufactured for your teeth and is worn for two to three weeks at a time for around 22 hours a day. They can be removed for meals, brushing and flossing your teeth and drinking anything other than water.

If you’re considering treatment to straighten your teeth but don’t like the thought of fixed braces, then Invisalign could be the ideal solution. Invisalign is recommended for mild to moderate crowding or spacing issues.

Invisalign Process

To ensure the fit of each aligner is accurate, impressions will be taken of your teeth. These impressions are then sent off to the Invisalign laboratory. The highly skilled technicians then create a virtual representation of your teeth, which will show the movement each individual aligner will create.

This whole process takes approximately six months to a year. Occasionally, to help achieve the desired result, small attachments of clear composite may be added to your aligner, which help to reposition the teeth. They are fitted directly onto the teeth and are removed once they have done their job. Fitting the aligners and any attachments is not a painful process.

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Once fitted, you might notice that teeth can become slightly sensitive and a have small amount of discomfort as the teeth begin to move position, but this should ease within a day or two. It is recommended that taking pain killers, such as paracetamol will ease any discomfort.

Looking after Invisalign Aligners

To keep your Invisalign aligners fresh and clean you can use a solution, which you can soak the aligners in for up to 15 minutes either once a week, or more often if needed. This is available from reputable dentists such as Dental Care Partnership in Sutton Coldfield. You can also brush the aligners with your toothbrush after you have cleaned your teeth, but don’t use toothpaste directly on the aligner as this can make them brittle and turn opaque.

You should also maintain a good oral hygiene routine to ensure you have a healthy and happy Invisalign experience.

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