Four Oral Surgeries That Address Various Health Problems

Patient getting oral surgeryMany people do not welcome the news of surgery, no matter what body part will undergo an operation. For those who detest dental visits, oral surgery is a more significant concern. It is, however, a “necessary evil” for at least 30 percent of adults in the United States who have reported fair to poor mouth and teeth conditions. The assumption that such conditions prompted the expansion of oral surgery and related treatments is not without merit.

Statista reported in 2015 that about 20 percent of American adults suffered anxiety as a result of these dental problems, calling for stringent procedures to correct them. An oral surgery practice helps in the following situations:

Reconstructive Surgery

This is a fast-rising area of oral health as conditions that were once considered permanent can now be altered with the right procedure. Facial injuries, knocked-out teeth, and jaw joint corrections are just a few of the conditions dental surgery can treat.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea may cause serious problems for a patient. If other procedures fail, a dental surgeon may carry out a procedure to extract excess tissue from the back of the throat to lessen or eliminate sleep apnea.

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The presence of lesions may be indicative of a potentially cancerous growth. A dental surgical procedure may be carried out to detect the presence of oral cancer by extracting a little tissue for lab analysis.

Root Canal Treatment

This involves the removal of the root canal and pulp of the tooth. After that, gutta-percha is used to fill the canal. Initially, a temporary cap is placed on the tooth and replaced with a permanent cap later.

Current eating habits have affected the oral health of Americans with the overwhelming inclusion of sugars in diets. Oral health professionals seem to have their work laid out to help patients take proactive steps to forestall unpalatable outcomes.

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