The Essential Pillars of Cardiac Health

a doctor with a healthy heart in his handsThe cardiovascular system is made of the heart and blood vessels. Unfortunately, diseases related to it is currently the number one killer worldwide. It’s also one of the leading reasons for outpatient visits.

Cardiovascular conditions include stroke, heart failure, congestive heart disease, and cardiomyopathies. The good news is that they could be preventable — given that it’s not too late for treatment. MyHealth Clinic and other health experts explain that one good way to do so is through regular screening.

A regular screening at a trusted health clinic is vital in promoting cardiac health and preventing adverse outcomes in those already diagnosed with heart conditions. Along with your doctor, you will be enlightened on how to better take care of your heart.

A Healthy Cholesterol Balance

Maintaining a healthy balance between good and bad cholesterol is essential for a healthy heart. High-density cholesterol (called the good cholesterol) carries lipids for disposal. Low-density cholesterol, on the other hand, clogs arteries and increases your risk of heart failure and stroke. Healthy nutrition choices are essential to proper cholesterol balance.

Blood Pressure Regulation

High blood pressure puts a significant strain on your heart. Maintaining an optimal blood pressure is essential for heart health. Routine blood pressure measurements are vital, as hypertension can go unnoticed for several years. A diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, and fruits is also crucial for cardiac health. Over 40% of the world population has diagnosed hypertension and adherence to medication is essential for this population.

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Smooth Blood Circulation

Slow blood flow resulting in narrowed arteries and plaque formation is also detrimental to heart health.  High clotting activity causes the formation of blood clots, which block your arteries, might also impede cardiac blood flow leading to heart attacks. A diet high in anti-inflammatory agents and exercise are essential in maintaining smooth blood flow.

Apart from the above pillars, healthy lifestyle choices are an essential part of cardiac health. These include maintaining a regular exercise routine, maintaining a healthy weight, and quitting smoking. Maintaining optimal cardiac health promotes your overall body health and decreases the need for hospitalization. Don’t wait until you drop dead.

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