Supportive vs. End-of-Life Care: What to Expect

hospice care serviceAs difficult as it may be to accept it, some people come to a point in life when hospice care can become a necessity. If you’re hesitant to inquire about hospice homes in Indiana, here are a few things you can expect when it comes to their services.

It’s a little bit like getting insurance.

Those in the insurance business always tell their clients to purchase their policies long before they need it. The same can be said about hospice care. It can be uncomfortable to discuss end-of-life care long before you need it. However, doing so allows you to actively make informed decisions regarding your care and living arrangements. This saves your family from the burden of deciding which treatments to continue or stop, if any, leaving you to live your remaining days in the best way possible.

There’ll be a team working with you.

Aside from your personal doctor, an entire team of trained specialists and personnel will provide you with round-the-clock care. The frequency of visits may differ depending on your needs and the care plan you choose. These service providers are trained to deal with a wide variety of patient needs, be they physical, emotional, or spiritual. The goal is to keep you comfortable and elevate your quality of life during an otherwise difficult period.

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The same team will work with your family.

Your family will need as much support as you do. Although the patient will be the team’s primary client, they’re also equipped to provide support to your family. Though it may not be immediately obvious in some cases, illness takes a toll on the entire community surrounding a patient, especially those in the patient’s immediate circle. This means that while you’re receiving the treatment you need, your family is also assured of support during your treatment and, perhaps most importantly, after.

Hospice services are covered by insurance, though services may vary depending on the state. Make sure to check your insurance policy to ensure a hassle-free transition from your regular care to hospice care.

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