Technological Advances And Dental Implants

Dental implantFor many years, patients could only choose between replacing missing teeth with dentures or fixed bridges. Since the introduction of dental implants in modern dentistry, more and more people are having their missing teeth replaced with these small, titanium posts. Unlike their conventional counterparts, dental implants are stable, secure and long-lasting.

Dental implants in Edinburgh, such as those available at Edinburgh Dental Specialists, have greatly developed over the years and patients can now take advantage of the best technology available. This technology not only provides accurate diagnosis and treatment but also ensures comfortable fit and reliable results for years to come. Here are a few noteworthy, recent advances in implant dentistry:

Immediate loading dental implants

Immediate loading implants were developed after careful clinical trials and are here to help patients replace their missing teeth within a few hours. Immediate loading dental implants in Edinburgh can be used for replacing a missing tooth or a full arch of missing teeth (i.e. All-on-4). This method is safe and offers unparalleled stability. However, it only works for patients who have enough natural bone left in their jawbone.

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Mini dental implants

Many people are surprised to find out that mini implants exist and are quite popular with some implant procedures. Mini dental implants in Edinburgh are usually 3mm or less and are commonly used for securing dentures into the jawbone. These implants are ideal for patients who do not have enough bone tissue left in their jawbone.

Implant imaging and implant surgery

Patients who wish to have dental implants these days, will have to go undergo a thorough examination prior to surgery. This examination includes taking detailed pictures of the jawbone. These are necessary for the dentist, who can safely decide whether a patient has enough bone tissue for such an operation. It is also a great opportunity for examining the jawbone in general.

Technology is also an important part of implant surgery. Often, a dentist will use digital imaging software to map the exact locations of the dental implants in the mouth. This will make the implant operation easier and more comfortable for the patient.

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