Top 3 Home Health Care Services

Physical Therapy SessionHome care allows a person with disabilities, someone who is still recovering from a recent medical operation, or an elderly to stay at home while getting the proper health assistance they needed.

When looking for reliable home health care services in East Brunswick, make sure the doctors and nurses are board certified in the State of New Jersey and have the right services your loved one needs.

Big or well-known home health care providers typically offer different types of services, while smaller groups usually provide a specific type of service to a specific clientele. Here are the top three services offered by most home health care providers:

Nursing Care

Hiring a private nurse is the most common options among families. The in-house nursing services may include replacement of wound bandage, administering shots when needed, making sure the patient takes the correct medication, and monitoring the overall health of the patient. This type of service is usually required for people who recently had a major surgery.

Companions and Homemaker

Another common home health care service is companionship, which is especially needed for the elders and persons with disabilities who are living alone. Aside from the usual basic health care services and meal preparation, they can also help with the housekeeping, household chores such as simple cleaning, laundry, and washing the dishes, and doing the grocery.

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Recuperating from a major surgery that damaged the muscles, joints, and even speech usually requires the help of a therapist. A patient may be able to regain the ability to speak with the help of a speech therapist. An occupational therapist helps in overcoming emotional or social disabilities, so patients can bring their usual routines back. A physical therapist help in bringing mobility and muscle functions back.

From basic needs such as home-delivered meals to periodical visits to the doctor, there’s no question the market for home health care services has grown exponentially. Just be sure to choose the most trusted home health care provider that will take good care of your loved ones.

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