Understanding the Common Types of Companion Care

someone taking care of a senior manAs people grow older, they realize that they need help to do basic things. Some people may have problems walking, eating, or even cleaning themselves up. It then becomes the role of home health care service providers or relatives to help them do all that they can’t do.

In some cases, however, a senior may need to contact a company that provides home health care services in Oradell not because they face challenges health-wise, but because they need companion care. This type of care primarily involves the provision of emotional support. In case you need this type of care, you can choose among the three types below.

1. Live-in Companion Care

For this category, you get to enjoy the service all day and night with different people exchanging shifts. Live-in companion care is advantageous for seniors who need to be kept indoors for as long as possible. You will also get to enjoy other services, such as grooming, meal preparation, transportation, appointments, bathing, and house cleaning.

2. In-home Companion Care

This type of service is characterized by shorter visits from an assigned individual from the home health care agency. The professional comes with a specific objective, such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, or help with bathing. The individual may also conduct well-person checks.

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3. Religious-Based Companion Care

You’ll get to enjoy this category of companion care if you opt for a service that is based on your religious background. The most significant benefit of religious-based companion care is the possibility of meeting with familiar faces attributable to being a high probability that the employees at the home health care service worship at the same church as you do. Having familiar people around allows you to have a more comfortable and enjoyable day.

Companion care works even better if you love to play board games, as you can do so with your companion, consequently maintaining your mental acuity. Research shows that the games help keep dementia at bay for a considerable length of time. Always remember to opt for a home health care service provider that has a good reputation to ensure that you get the best service.

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