How to Ease Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist

Child getting a dental checkupLots of kids fear the dentist, and it can make life difficult for parents when their bi-annual check comes around. Children may be afraid because they associate a dentist with pain or think they will need to have injections. They may feel intimidated by the surroundings or the dentist’s chair. But there are techniques every parent can use to mitigate these fears. A kid-friendly dentist from Walker Pediatric Dentistry in Utah shares the following tips.

Talk About It

Being honest and telling your child about the upcoming visit causes less stress than surprising them with the appointment. Being matter-of-fact and brief is best to avoid scaring them with too many details.

Book Parental Appointment at the Same Time

Booking your appointment at the same time will allow the child to see what happens during a dental visit. They can see how their parent acts calmly and isn’t fazed by the experience.

Choose a Child-Friendly Dentist

Choosing a child-friendly pediatric dentist will make the world of difference. These practices are brightly decorated to be attractive to a child. There may be toys in the waiting area or a TV screen with cartoons or beautiful scenes of nature. There may be a TV screen on the ceiling over the dentist’s chair to distract them.

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A kid-friendly dentist will talk to your child on a level of language he or she understands. They can often provide needle-free treatments such as surface fillings to ensure a comfortable experience for children. Very nervous children can be offered gas and air to help them relax.

Choosing a dentist who is experienced with children will ease fears and help your kid learn to enjoy getting his or her teeth checked.

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